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be willing to attend college, and 3) colleges where you have the ability to play at their level.  
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We will review your information to find out if playing college sports is an option for you.  There are numerous divisions in 
college sports and varying levels of both athletic and academic abilities.  If you show us you have what it takes to play, 
we'll make hundreds of colleges coaches aware of you - but ONLY those coaches who know you can qualify for 
their school and know you have the athletic ability to be a part of their teams!

We will work with you through the entire recruiting process so that you can make the right academic and athletic decision 
for the college you ultimately attend.  We will consult with you and your family on an on-going basis to help you get a scholarship or a stronger financial aid package in order to reduce your college expenses.

Again, it costs you nothing to find out if we can help you with your journey.  If it has been your dream to play college sports 
and you do nothing to pursue it then you'll probably always regret not completing our Evaluation Form. Get a FREE 

Find Out If You Have What It Takes to Play College Sports
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We may be able to point out simple things that are keeping you from being recruited!


    ■  Personal student interviews with trained representatives to determine realistic goals and opportunities.

    ■  Profiles designed by college coaches and compiled for each student.

    ■  Individual athletes' files maintained and updated.

    ■  Extensive exposure through mailings to college coaches based on academics, athletic abilities, and geographical preferences.

    ■  Updates highlighting latest athletic & academic achievement.

    ■  Video editing and online video for college coaches to view.

    ■  Financial guidance to help you achieve bargaining power in the recruiting process.

    ■  Trained staff provides information on ever-changing recruiting rules.

    ■  Competitive advantage over those who do not understand the complexities of college recruiting.

    ■  "800" Hotline linking college coaches to current information on our worldwide pool of athletes.

I Want To Play College Sports .com 

How Many College Coaches are Sending You Camp Invitations versus Actually Recruiting You?  

If you are not being contacted by college coaches then you probably should be concerned about your current approach. 
A survey of 300 D-I and D-II coaches showed they start scouting athletes in the following school years: 
Freshmen- 30%        Sophomores- 45%       Juniors- 25%       Seniors- 0%

Approximately 150,000 students receive athletic scholarships each year from NCAA and NAIA colleges and universities.  
Tens of thousands more play for NCAA D-III schools which do not give athletic scholarships; however, many of these 
schools cover a greater percentage of Financial Based Need and hand out an amazing amount of Merit Scholarships,

Do you have:  the physical ability to play college sports?  the right attitude?

Unless you are a top blue-chipper in your state, you MUST market yourself if you want to get noticed by colleges! 
If you've only been contacted only by a few colleges then our services can help you be recruited by many more.

Most college coaches have very small recruiting budgets.  Coaches thrive on athletes being proactive in order to learn 
about them.  We do that marketing for you and much, much more.  We will consult with you and your family through the 
entire recruiting process to help you achieve your goal of playing college sports.  We know how to get results!

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     Results of our Student-Athletes from Southwest/Central Virginia

  • 87% have Athletic Scholarships

  • 96%% are Playing College Sports
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I Want To Play College Sports .com 

I Want To Play College Sports .com 
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